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Friday, 23 January 2009


These are only linearts so far, but I rather like them. I have enough to say about them that I want to post about them now rather than just after-colouring. Besides, sod's law says that I'll fuck up the colouring and end up hating them, so I'm going to strike while I'm still enthusiastic.

Something that i think is interesting, regarding interchangability of parts, is the face-mask. It's exactly the same lines on all three heads, but the context provided by the three bodies changes what you interpret it as. I didn't plan it this way, but when I dressed the first variant (beta as it happens) in his scarf, I realised that I'd have to carry the face and neck areas over between the three variants if I wanted interchangability. And it worked out better than I'd have hoped.

These remind me of the nurses, in that I managed to make the three variants far more different than I usually do. Rather than just different cuts of clothes or hairdos, I've suggested quite different kinds of outfit. And rather than going for interchangability in the parts, I've themed them relatively strongly.

Alpha is a semi-classy highwayman type. He has the neck thing, a shoulder-cloak and a snazzy waistcoat. His daggers are the most elegant-looking to me, too. I'm thinking he should be dressed in expensive-looking red.

Beta is a more raggedy street-type. The daggers are ugly and brutal-looking. He has a cool long scarf-thing going on, which I've tried to tat-up a little, and looks a bit more desperate.

For gamma, my thinking was "world of warcraft rogue". Rigid, layered leather-armour with shoulder pads, and military-looking knives. Which is pretty much how it turned out.

Despite the strong theming, the heads, weapons and bodies are all meant to be interchangable. I was using the themes as inspiration to create individually interesting elements, not because i had my heart set on creating three very distinct characters.

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