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Monday, 19 January 2009

Red Riding Hood's saviours

Sudden unexpected productivity! I got the woodsmen coloured. I did try out some brushes on these. It seemed to work pretty well on the inside of the cloaks. I'm not sure exactly what it's meant to represent, but it look right to me. Large flat areas certainly seem to benefit from having some kind of texture. Unfortunately the fur ruffs - the areas I started messing around with brushes for - didn't turn out terribly well at all. In fact they look abominable. I'm thinking rough fur is something that needs its own technique, not a cheap gimmick brush. But, again, I'm calling these done for now and moving on.

Other areas of note: I'll call Alpha's antler-head axe a success. Gamma's mouthbeard is atrocious, but i think that might be as much an issue with the linework as the colouring. Oh, and I seem to have changed the hue but not the value for the inner shade of Gamma's cloak, meaning it looks like it's glowing. Oops.

I tried implying creases and folds in the cloth here - most visible on the lower area of Beta's tunic. I like it. It's a little dodgy in places because I was mostly playing it by ear rather than thinking about where creases/shadows should appear naturally (another awful habbit to shake) , but it seems a pretty "cheap" way to add detail. Only problem is that if I establish that I'm willing to add that level of detail here, it raises the expected standards everywhere else. Not really a bad thing, but I should be careful of detail-creep.

Oops - just noticed that I left Gamma's cloak as single-shade. Can't be assed to fix, export and reupload so you'll have to take my word for it that I fixed it.

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