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Saturday 26 February 2011

Tsq: God-eaters

"Tarrasque is not a monster, it is the god of hunger and the flesh. A pure existence unsullied by reason and unfettered by morality. Tarrasque is a deity whose nature is too base to find home in the heavens."

This is the creed of the god-eaters; a secretive cult that revere Tarrasque and the ideal it represents. They believe in the power of the strong over the weak, that hunger is the noblest impulse and that cannibalism is its purest expression.

They do not resent their god's imprisonment. They see it as proof that mankind is ready to take Tarrasque's place by following its example and ascending to a purer existence. Their rites revolve around gratuitous consumption and symbolically claiming the power of others as their own.

Their most sacred ritual is the consumption of Tarrasque in effigy. It begins with kidnapping some person of minor power - a rich merchant or gang leader for example. At the assembly the god-eaters ceremonially demonstrate their power over the victim, humiliating and brutalising them. At the climax of the ceremony the unfortunate is slaughtered and becomes a feast for the congregation. These vile events require much covert planning and take place rarely enough that the practice is only a rumour in the city at large.