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Saturday 24 September 2011


I was looking through my "fragments" file of abandoned projects that might yet be salvageable. And I started tinkering. These are the result. Burly punch-men. You can tell how old they are because they have those tiny feet. I haven't used those at all in this generation of veeps until now I don't think. Maybe I should - frees up space. Especially effective when I want to emphasise the upper body.

Highlights: the way the lines on #2 create that burst leotard. #1's cigar and scars. #3's jawline
#3 lets the side down here. He seems to lack pizzaz and I didn't know what I might do to rescue him. It happened at the colours-stage. Before that he looked pretty cool. Maybe it's just that the leopard skin and scarring worked so well that he wasn't left with anything. I thought about a design on his T-shirt, that would give detail. But what he needs is character. He looks like some kind of diner thug or trucker. Boring.

Ho hum.

Sunday 18 September 2011

Glam imp rockers

This is my idea of a productive Saturday morning. Glam imps! I've had it in the back of my mind for a while that imps may be imbecilic pyrotechnicians, but they're also badass musicians. These are closer to human-proportion than their kin, but it was necessary for the pose. Maybe it's the drugs and rock&roll lifestyle that turns them lanky. I'm happy enough with these that it makes me want to make the rock/metal aesthetic the imps' thing.

I'm happy with the basic guitar template. I think it has just enough lines to evoke, without getting too caught up in the details. The tuning screws in particular. While I was colouring them, they didn't really take off until I decided that #2's long flowing hair needed to be bright pink, and realised that the guitars needed to be brightly patterned. After that it all fell into place.

#3's "hair" is weird. But not in a bad way. It's either shiny nylonish fur or stage-FX fire. Either way it looks cool enough. #1's squinty eyes are cute, and I like to imagine his outfit is a little metallic.

It's been longer than I realised since I last did a proper trio with interchangeable parts. Hair/wings, eyes, gloves, torso, guitar body, guitar head, tail tip. Now that's modular!

Also I tweaked the hydrocore to be lighter. Looks more vivid now I think.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Instigator, or "Hey look I did that thing I said I'd do"

As intended, I created a missing link architect. Took three tries though. Still not perfect, but good enough, eh?

The name's a placeholder. "Insitgator" isn't terribly inspirational. Trampler seemed promising, but it's not at all on-theme for the architects, so I just said "sod it" and moved on.

I like the implied shape of the thighs. The way they curve around and meet behind his lower back as a single piece.

The belly-plate's a little odd. I think the left hand side is too convex. And the shading is a little waffley. The hands turned out better than I deserved, but are still sloppy. Ditto the hoofs.

He'll do.