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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Instigator, or "Hey look I did that thing I said I'd do"

As intended, I created a missing link architect. Took three tries though. Still not perfect, but good enough, eh?

The name's a placeholder. "Insitgator" isn't terribly inspirational. Trampler seemed promising, but it's not at all on-theme for the architects, so I just said "sod it" and moved on.

I like the implied shape of the thighs. The way they curve around and meet behind his lower back as a single piece.

The belly-plate's a little odd. I think the left hand side is too convex. And the shading is a little waffley. The hands turned out better than I deserved, but are still sloppy. Ditto the hoofs.

He'll do.

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