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Saturday, 24 September 2011


I was looking through my "fragments" file of abandoned projects that might yet be salvageable. And I started tinkering. These are the result. Burly punch-men. You can tell how old they are because they have those tiny feet. I haven't used those at all in this generation of veeps until now I don't think. Maybe I should - frees up space. Especially effective when I want to emphasise the upper body.

Highlights: the way the lines on #2 create that burst leotard. #1's cigar and scars. #3's jawline
#3 lets the side down here. He seems to lack pizzaz and I didn't know what I might do to rescue him. It happened at the colours-stage. Before that he looked pretty cool. Maybe it's just that the leopard skin and scarring worked so well that he wasn't left with anything. I thought about a design on his T-shirt, that would give detail. But what he needs is character. He looks like some kind of diner thug or trucker. Boring.

Ho hum.

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