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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

They have questions.

Androgynes with axes. In a curious pose that is either pivoting on one foot or dancing - hard to tell.

I was really playing about with metallic-looking shading here. Not satisfied with most of it, but I got to try out a few new things and practice others.

I'm having contrast problems again I think. I need some kind of standard to work from, rather than just daubing colour over a neutral brown. Maybe go back over the old ones and find a few that I'm happy with, then use them as reference?

That sounds distressingly close to the correct way to do things - not my scene at all. I'll probably just make a half-assed effort to triple-check before I call them final.

I did more three-tone shading on these than normal. Not the skin as I said I was going to do - that's turning out trickier than I imagined - but on the stronger metallics. It seems like a good idea and I should probably have done more of it. Making life harder.

I'm not sure if I'm making any progress. It doesn't feel like it. But then it never does, until I look back at what I was doing a couple of months ago and I decide that they're all no longer up to par and must be scrapped. Still, even if it doesn't feel like I'm getting better, it feels productive to be adding to a growing library of these guys.

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