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Thursday 1 January 2009

Sutured stalkers

This is the kind of nastiness that mad surgeons get up to in their spare time; they open up the brainpan and turn people into Voldos. I imagine it made sense to them at the time - in fact, the one on the right looks like he might have been a surgeon himself who got a little bit carried away with the self-experimentation and then decided to tape a bunch of scalpels to his surgical gloves.

These guys flowed pretty easily from the early scribble. I mean they're far from perfect, and I still have no idea how shading is supposed to work (might think about adding a shine to the middle guy's bondage-suit), but it wasn't a painful birth.

A little annoyed that I've unintentionally duplicated the pose of a character I did a while back. I can probably live with it.

Still to come: surgical failures aka stitch zombies. Also maybe some more fish-related mutantry. I took another look at some crappier brine mutants I abandoned and started wondering if they could be brought up to scratch somehow. I also have an acolyte-type person that may or may not be a part of a sea-worshiping cult. I suspect I'll need some thematic inspiration before I can call that one finished.

Likelihood of all of the above making it off the WIP board: uncertain. But those are my plans. It's not like I have deadlines to work to or milestones to meet. Right now I care mostly about keeping myself interested in the project so that I don't just say "meh" to the whole thing.

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