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Friday, 17 April 2009


Brawler-type fellows with those claw-gauntlet weapons that are so impractical in real life. As if I care. Eclectic and implausible is how I roll.

And eclectic is certainly what these guys are. No unifying style between them. Barely any individual style either, which means that head, weapons, body and legs are all freely swappable. With such different styles, they'll make good individuals. Though for some reason I feel that they belong in a city of some kind. Alongside the thief characters from earlier perhaps. Maybe they'd make good "boss" thugs. I suppose that varied fashion does work for a generically cosmopolitan urban area.

I've had the parent sketch and basic skeleton for these lying around since last year; I'd abandoned it because I wasn't making any progress. I'm glad to have brought it to a finished linework. #1's claws were awkward. Still are actually, but they'll do.

The legs are the really dodgy part - all three of them have weird-shaped boots/cuffs/kneepads. I think I've managed to hammer them into something approaching an acceptable shape, but they're definitely the weakest area.

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