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Sunday 31 July 2011


I think that makes three with legs, two that scuttle and two hovering. That explores most of the available space. I've another thing I want to try for the next architect though (serpentine didn't turn out right unfortunately).

This is a surveyor. He was a scrutator but I changed my mind. Surveyor isn't as obscure and sounds architectier.

The collar is weird, I like it. The other architects' "flesh" is mostly drawn tight. I tried something different here because I don't want them all gaunt and spindly. The head is also smaller and narrower than usual. I'm overusing the one-eyed look though, so I'll try and make the next one binocular.

WIP version of this had way too much shading detail. I think dialling it back was the right decision, though it was hard to decide which were the important parts. Shoulders, definitely to sell the texture of the "flesh" there. Collar, same reason. Belly because otherwise that area looked flat and blank. Torso so I could transition smoothly to the starker white on the head and arms (necessary so that they pop). Arms to ensure the spheres looked embedded. The fingers needed something but I didn't want more detail so they got a flat fill of the darker red.

Not sure what those spheres are. The purple stuff is obviously significant, maybe some kind of crystal? Since they're major self-modders they don't often need tools or props. That means the purple crystal orbs and green metallic stuff must be important. That's the sort of feel I want to give. There's no thinking like overthinking!

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