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Saturday 23 July 2011

Infernal Purifier

Another inf... hmm. I'm calling them infernals but as they become conceptually distinct from the fire and brimstone that name seems less and less appropriate. Abyssal? Collector? Architect? Architect... that's got potential. I'll think about it.

I wanted the hell theme to have some weird technology, but that niche has been taken over by these guys. That weird gun-thing he's holding is almost exactly what I wanted the fire elementals to have. Maybe I'll come up with another look for helltech later. Or abandon the idea. Either-or.

I do like the gun. I'm not sure what it does, but I bet it's weird. I wanted it to be made of the same bone-porcelain as the "hard" areas of its holder, but it blended in too much. It made me want to give the gun a thicker outline for the sake of depth.

The shoulders and legs are quite similar to the architect. Shared style is ok, but if I want these to look like individuals I'll need to be careful to include more variety. Legs are a problem though. I could probably get away with another floaty body if the torso was different enough. Scuttling spider-legs? Those are hard to draw. Naga-style? I have a sketch that might fit the bill.

I'm liking where these are going. It feels good to be making something distinctive. I've four of them now. No variants though. I'd like it if I was able to come up with a reliable way to make variants. And now I've typed that out I'm seeing possibilities.

Something else to chew over.

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