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Saturday 6 August 2011


I think that's a snail-foot with teeth. That little bit of linework defining the hips felt good at the time, but it might have done as much harm as good. When I came to colour it limited how I could texture the area, so I did a simple striated fade.

This architect has a feminine aspect if you look at it the right way. Not entirely, thanks to the shoulders, but there's no escaping the impression of a backless dress.

I was deliberately careful with the nodecount. It would have been easy to bulk out the hands or wrists, but I decided to keep it sparse.

I did want to do something more interesting than a plain oval for the head this time though. That's a good shape there. I might (might) go back and do variants for the architects once I have a good library of suitable shapes. Certainly I want to revise the artisan - he's by far the least satisfactory to me, both in linework and colour.

I might have reached the end of good architects. But if I do one more, I think I'd emphasise the arms and legs for a change.

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