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Sunday, 16 October 2011

First nymph

It's some kind of insectile fairy/elf thing.  Nymph is an obvious name. Design is reminiscent of a whole bunch of different things.

The hair's a little weird; the way it has that extra wisp at the end. A little worried it looks like it's holding it in its hand.

Butterfly is cute but possibly unnecessary.

Didn't and don't have much of a plan with this one. I was of two minds as to whether it needed variants or not. I guess I could have done variations on the armour/carapace and hair, but I wasn't feeling inspired in that direction so I just went to the colours.

I like the mottling quite a bit. It could follow the implied depth a bit better, but I'm ok with it for now. Hair's highlights are haphazard.

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