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Monday, 17 October 2011

Brine mutant writhers

They need a better name. They're another rescue from an old file. The rightmost guy is the closest to my original idea so it's appropriate that he's the least satisfying of them. The other two look far more "natural", while he's just a tentacle-guy wearing a shell. I'm not sure how I should have done him differently. 

I hit a block working on the tentacles and had to sleep on it before I could finish them off. The colouring wasn't exactly easy, but there was a feeling of continual progress. I wasn't demoralised by speedbumps or having to redo parts. Maybe that means I'm getting the hang of things.

#2's head-shell probably took the most effort for the least impact. No matter what colour I gave it, it stood out too much. In the end I just gave it the same neutral shade as #1's barnacles, and then reused that on #3's crest as well.

#2's arm was originally drawn as a barnacle. When it wasn't coming together I changed it to an anemone, which was a lot more fun to colour. The tentacle's shading is interesting too, with that wobbly gelatinous shape. Looks sting-y.

Parts: Tentacle, torso (including shoulder), head. Thought about adding something to the legs, but I've learned that it's hard to do meaningful distinctions on legs and feet. The shoulders are so detailed that minor things like belts or shoes don't seem worth adding.

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