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Saturday, 7 March 2009


Gasp! Colour! I didn't expect this, it just sort of happened.

Obviously elemental foxes - fire and unconvincing-ice. I like these. They're not great, but I like them. Probably because, like the crab mutants way back when, I wasn't trying to do vaguely plausible light and shadow, but creating a texture/pattern that provides enough detail on its own.

I am a slave to patterns, so I'll probably try and do some other elemental foxes. I've worked out a tail design for an electrical fox (flickerfox?) but need another pose. If I wanted to be all cheaty I could re-use these two poses and do one of each for each element, but that'd be... cheaty.

On the other hand, variants are basically a no-go here. What could I possibly vary? Tail-swoosh? Head angle? Petty stuff you probably wouldn't even notice.

So, yeah. I'm happy with these. They ain't art, but I had fun doin' 'em and, havin' done 'em, I like 'em.

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