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Monday, 2 March 2009

Hungry natives

So, colouring is still not really happening. Which is bad. But I'm still puttering along, which is ok.

Here's some culturally ambiguous, miscellaneously exotic jungle/island indigenous peoples. Please note that for maximum offensive cultural stereotyping they are even waving spears.

The pseudo-tiki masks were fun to do. It's a shame that I only do three variants because doing a bunch of different masks could be really fun. Maybe I'll get a chance if I come up with another "native" type. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking regarding the shape of #3's mask - soemthing about the angle making the fourth corner seem to disappear? Too scared that I'll cause knock-on problems to the face design if I try and fix it.

I had so much fun with the big masks and crazy hair that I had difficulties differentiating them elsewhere. Copped out on the spears - they all have the same head, just different decoration. I was originally thinking I could totally change the weapons so one had a spear, one a sword, one a club (or whatever) but I oculdn't get the pose to work with non-spear weaponry without straying over the edge of the frame.

Also: dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are hard - their body shapes don't like to fit in small square spaces.

The leftmost one I did a while back. I think I might need to colour him before I can decide whether or not he's worthy - I like the idea of the pose but I just can't judge whether I pulled it off or not. Also he has cheapo mirrored feet, which I probably ought to redo.

Death-chicken was more recent and while I don't like him as much as lefty, I'm happier with him. He also has more fiddly details that I could biddle with for variants - mouth and crest mainly. Lefty's got a nice simple look going, but that limits the possibility for tweaks.

They've both got those dromaesaur claws going on. Now I'm thinking that the left guy would look better without them. Thing is that they're nice easy, identifiable and node-cheap foot detail. Low hanging fruit.

I imagine these dinos live in the same jungle-riverish area as the natives above. Pretty generic I know, but maybe I'll come up with some kind of twist later.

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