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Sunday 28 March 2010

Profound ones

This is the third time I've posted these fish-guys here. Last time I had expanded the original one with two variant heads. Now I've varied the bodies and arms too and tidied up a few details. So now they're a proper set. Colours too, of course. Subtle detail: Eel face's bulging belly. Really should have highlighted it with colour, but the scheme didn't allow for it. Maybe if I take (yet) another crack at them in the future. other than that, I'm pleased with these colours. They didn't flow easily, but I like the results. Not that I'm saying they're perfect you understand. But I'm content.

The new standard of detail that I've let myself use lets me do a lot more when there's few line-defined areas of detail and lots of contiguous spaces. I'm sticking with the pointilist patterning, both because it's so easy to do in photoshop and because it works well for sea-creatures. On #1 it makes him look scaly (or possibly shiny, depending on how you look at it), while #2 and 3 have different kinds of mottling.

I'm glad that they're not just three different colour schemes of the same pattern. It also means I can keep the colour schemes close to each other without them seeming samey. I did orignally have more variety - Fishman was a lot lighter, and Shark-man was blue-tinted. They didn't look like they belonged together though so I normalised them. I think that was the right choice - the heads alone are plenty divergent.

The file name is "purebloods" because these are meant to be the members of the sea-cult where the mutations have reached their endpoint, Deep one-style. Nicely encapsulates the cult's attitude to their affliction and all just in a name. And of course it's always nice to apply a sacred-sounding term to something profane.

Going back to the colours, I think I'm going to have to come up with an alternative to the pointilism. It works, but it won't for everything. That'll probably involve pissing about with custom brushes in Photoshop. Ah well; life is full of hardships.

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