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Saturday 25 July 2009

Vial Fluids

I had no plans - just felt like making some vector peeps for the first time in a while - and these came out. I didn't even have a proper sketch of them. There was a scribble in the margins of a "proper" sketch and I decided to try drawing over it. Turned out ok.

I like the bubbles. Just white, 50% transparent circles. Silly really, but I like how it makes the bright parts of the tanks obviously 'orrible liquids without being so detailed as to show up the flat fills elsewhere. I'd still like to do something for the metal bits though. No experiments have worked out yet.

There's not many swappable bits here. Just the heads and the tanks. Shame. I'd have liked another detail, something secondary like the psychers' backpacks. Maybe hoses/plugs for the tanks? Unsure. Not heartbroken though: I'm glad to have made something kind of OK.

The colours need tweaking. I figure I'd best recolour all the hospital characters at once so they compliment each other so that's fine.

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