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Thursday 16 July 2009


The other day I considered a career writing and illustrating childrens' books.

This is my pioneering work: "Spider and Snake". I like it. I think it has an important message, one that's more relevant than ever in these troubled times.

I drew no small amount of inspiration from my previous work for adults "The Sun", but my primary influence was the natural world. It's amazing how powerful the things we take for granted can be. Just look at the world around you and you will find truths everywhere.

And I would like to think that I have captured some of that truth, some of that power, in this work. Now you might think I'm over thinking things but children aren't stupid. You write to them but that doesn't mean you write down to them. Because no good author disrespects their audience. An author has to overthink the process because that's ho you end up with something worth reading. Something that doesn't fall apart when you ask "why?".

And that is the ideal I aspired to with "Spider And Snake."

Thank you.

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