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Saturday 27 December 2008

Show them the way to go home. Tired, bed, etc.

No colours today, I've been mostly embarrassing myself as far as colour goes lately. Some new linearts though.

Whaler/harpooner guys! The stance didn't come across quite the way I sketched it, but its close enough that I'm willing to say "sod it".

I didn't make a deliberate effort to have interchangeable parts here, but I can't see any reason why head and leg swaps wouldn't work.

I'm thinking these are hero-types like the swashbuckler/duellist lady, though they're a smidgen light on details for that. Then again, after I tarted them up so as to have three varieties.... they might be ok after all.

This other fella's a little weird. I'm still testing how to do gribbly monsters in a style identifiably similar to the stick-men. The problem is that heavy abstraction like one-dimensional limbs only really work when the brain knows what it's looking for.

It also didn't help that I had no real design for this critter - just a vague plan of squooshing an eel and a crab otgether. He may well end up being junked, but it's a learning experience at least. (Psst - don't look to closely at the silly crab arms.)

Obviously he goes with the drowned zombies and crab mutants. I was going to call him a brine-spawn, but he doesn't really look mutated enough to be a spawn - more like just a weird species of eel-crab. Moray crab? Congar crab? I don't know. Won't matter unless I end up keeping him I guess.

I'm surprising myself with my discipline, sticking mostly to the sea and sea-mutant theme. I'd have expected to have gotten distracted by now. Well, I tried to be distracted when I made three insane surgeons, but trying to colour those sent me back to the briny.

I suspect I'll go back to them though; I want to do some frankensteined-up "surgical success" hulks and some shambling "surgical failure" zombies. Mainly because I like the idea of having a strain of monster named "surgical success" contrasting with a strain called "surgical failure". Why use reams of explanatory text when you can use naming and context!

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