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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Brine zombies again

I have fixed up my brine zombies. Compared them to the original bunch they have fewer, cleaner lines, tidier colouring and more effective detail. It's reassuring to see that I can now make these kinds of improvements. That I'm better at deciding which details are and are not necessary.

I did wonder whether the torsos of #2 and #3 needed some detail, and I tried to give them some blue waterlogging pattern there, but in the end I think they're better left clean.

A few notable changes I made:
No jackets. Unnecessary extra lines.
Added vertical lines that imply drips or hanging weed.
No variation in trousers and boots. These areas are not interesting or important.
Shrank boots. They were a bit too clompy before. I'm not sure if this is just correcting a mistake in my proportions, or a matter of my style for these characters evolving.

I'm not very happy with the detail layer of the seaweed. I'm not sure what I really want from that texture or how to get it. But I've made such strides everywhere else that I refuse to get bogged down there.

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