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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Squagus and friends.

It's short for "squid magus". Placeholder names are fun, in that they don't have to make sense to anybody but myself. Favourite so far: "psycho cheeseborg". What can I say; it quacked like a duck.

The squagus himself has been in this semi-finished state for some time - I did him during my brine mutant phase. I wasn't happy with him though. Shapeless robe, symmetrical pose and gribbly tentacles. Too easy. Lazy. The only bit even vaguely interesting is the gill-fin-ear shape on the side of the head.

Anyway, today I was squiggling (squiddling?) and I got two semi-satisfactory giant tentacles. I'd always intended to do some giant tentacles for the brine mutants, but... hadn't. Tentacles are both easy and hard to do. They're a very simple shape and vector drawing makes curves a breeze. But they need to have a certain amount of itnerest to be worth doing at all and twisting shapes with a definite cross-section are tricky for me to think around. These are a barely acceptable kludge to me.

To make them match up with the squagus I quickly block-filled them. Those blue-green things at their bases are emant to be water-splashes, like the tentacles are bursting up out of the sea. They're supposed to be the limbs of some huge krakenish thing the squagus has summoned. Possibly even the cult's elder fish god.

Tentacles. Not terribly exciting, but necessary to me. And I'm warming (a little) to the squagus, when he's in their company. Maybe. Ish.

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